Flip Flops; the perfect wedding favours

Are you having a summertime wedding? Maybe you have planned the perfect destination wedding on the beach here in Cyprus. It is traditional to offer your guests a small token of your appreciation for them joining you on this special occasion.  Give your guests a gift that is simple and often overlooked; flip flops.  Flip flops are an inexpensive yet thoughtful wedding favour; after a day of drinking champagne and dancing the night away, your guests will love the fact that they can just kick off their heels and give those dancing feet a rest.  

Giving flip flops as wedding favours will not only ensure your guests comfort for the evening but it is a practical gift that can be used again after your wedding day. There are many different styles that you can choose from and we are sure that you will be able to find the perfect look that will suit your wedding day.

Stick to a few neutral colours that will go with any outfit and set them in a wicker basket or wooden crate with a sign on the front with a cute message such as ‘for your dancing feet.’  We guarantee your guests will be delighted with this considerate gift.

For that additional personal touch you could even customise the flip flops for your immediate bridal party. You could add some little pearls and crystals that tie in with your dress and the bridesmaids dresses. One of our favourite ideas are flip flops that have heart cutouts in the soles that leave a trail of hearts in the sand as your guests walk around. There’s a whole host of different options and ideas to choose from! Finding the perfect gift for your destination wedding just got so much easier now that you have chosen flip flops as your wedding favours and we’re here to help inspire you with how to tie them in with your wedding theme. We’ve put together a Pinterest board with some of our favourite ideas – CHECK IT OUT HERE.