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Cyprus: holiday fun for your guests

September 14, 2019

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There are so many great reasons why couples choose a destination wedding for their big day. Every couple will have their own; be it the sunshine, the holiday vibes, cost comparison, completely escaping everyday life, and dare we say it, shortening that invitation list. Whatever reason you choose, when deciding on your wedding destination it’s important to bear in mind that it is essential for each and every one of your guests to have a wonderful holiday, alongside celebrating your actual wedding day. This is one of the very reasons that Cyprus is such a wonderful choice of wedding destination. There is heaps to do, for guests of all ages and interests. But don’t forget, it’s also perfect for those who like to do very little on their holiday too – chilling by the pool or at the beach is an easy option here in sunny Cyprus.

What we would recommend is that you don’t overdo the organisation on this side of things. You have enough to think about and the last thing you want to do is stress out your guests by making them feel like they need to stick to an hourly holiday itinerary. Pick one or two organized events that guests can choose to join in with or not, then leave them to sort out their own holiday activities otherwise.  Be fun, but be flexible! Trust us, as soon as you land in Cyprus you will notice how relaxed you and your guests become; it’s that Mediterranean sunshine and way of life that we love!

Being based in Cyprus we are perfectly placed to recommend some activities that you can organize or recommend to your guests.

One of our favourites and most popular is a boat cruise. Paphos has a number of brilliant boat cruises that you can choose from including full day cruises, acrobat night tours, adult-only tours and pirate cruises for the little ones! In our opinion though, book the fireworks night cruise for a couple of days after your wedding: an all-inclusive bar and buffet will have everyone up dancing to the fantastic entertainment. It’s great value for money and such a fun way for all of your wedding party to get back together and reminisce over all the highlights of your wedding day, everyone’s holidays and you will be guaranteed to make brand new stories to tell too! Just picture enjoying the sun set over the Mediterranean from the boat’s edge, followed by fireworks in the moonlight with your nearest and dearest in full holiday swing – and, of course, with a frozen strawberry daiquiri in-hand!

Wedding favour inspiration: flip flops

September 1, 2019


Flip Flops; the perfect wedding favours

Are you having a summertime wedding? Maybe you have planned the perfect destination wedding on the beach here in Cyprus. It is traditional to offer your guests a small token of your appreciation for them joining you on this special occasion.  Give your guests a gift that is simple and often overlooked; flip flops.  Flip flops are an inexpensive yet thoughtful wedding favour; after a day of drinking champagne and dancing the night away, your guests will love the fact that they can just kick off their heels and give those dancing feet a rest.  

Giving flip flops as wedding favours will not only ensure your guests comfort for the evening but it is a practical gift that can be used again after your wedding day. There are many different styles that you can choose from and we are sure that you will be able to find the perfect look that will suit your wedding day.

Stick to a few neutral colours that will go with any outfit and set them in a wicker basket or wooden crate with a sign on the front with a cute message such as ‘for your dancing feet.’  We guarantee your guests will be delighted with this considerate gift.

For that additional personal touch you could even customise the flip flops for your immediate bridal party. You could add some little pearls and crystals that tie in with your dress and the bridesmaids dresses. One of our favourite ideas are flip flops that have heart cutouts in the soles that leave a trail of hearts in the sand as your guests walk around. There’s a whole host of different options and ideas to choose from! Finding the perfect gift for your destination wedding just got so much easier now that you have chosen flip flops as your wedding favours and we’re here to help inspire you with how to tie them in with your wedding theme. We’ve put together a Pinterest board with some of our favourite ideas – CHECK IT OUT HERE.

How to choose the perfect colour palette for your wedding

August 24, 2019


When it comes to your special day, choosing the best colour palette is a very important decision.  You might be inclined to think that picking your wedding colour is a quick, easy decision, but it’s not one that you should take lightly, and it’s not one that is as easy as it sounds (just think about how long it takes us girls to decide on a colour for our nails, and times that by 1,000!)  So, where do you start choosing the perfect colour for your wedding? If you are feeling like you are in over your head with this whole topic, you have come to the right place! If it is some gentle guidance that you need then keep reading, as we point out tips on how to choose the best colour palette for your dream wedding day.

The first and most important decision in choosing your wedding colour palette is to decide on a base colour – this is the first step in finding the perfect match for your wedding.  The base colour should be something that is on-trend and in season.  If you are unsure of which colours are in season, a good tip would be to check out Pantone’s most popular colours for the current year. For example, the colour of the year for 2019, chosen by Pantone is coral.  Once you decide on a colour that is on-trend and compliments the style of the wedding the next step is to ensure that you incorporate these colours in the minor decorative details of your wedding. 

Choose a colour that is flattering to you. You want to make sure that you use colours that compliment your skin tone as well as the skin tone of the bridal party. There are just some colours that will work against the undertone of your skin and take away from your overall look – steer clear of these and make sure that you get a second and third opinion too!

Incorporate your colour palette with accessories, cakes and other decorative accents.  Making sure that you are coordinated with the different accents and accessories is so important to ensure that your wedding has a classy and cohesive flow.  Not everything has to match perfectly; pair colours that compliment each other; determine if changes need to be made, and adjust your colours as needed.

Consider the season that you are planning your wedding.  This could help you determine which colours to go with and which colours may be off limits if seasonality of fresh flowers don’t allow for it.  Personally I love silk flowers, which also helps open the door of seasonality restrictions! Your location is also another factor to consider; Cyprus is a Mediterranean gem, whites, blues and beach themes are popular so a lot of fun can be had with your chosen palette!

Don’t forget that your colour palette should also compliment the male members of your party. In this case I’d always advise to go neutral or toning colours for the grooms/best man attire; much more classy and tasteful.

Choosing the perfect colour palette for your wedding should be a fun and exciting task.  Remember that this is one of the most important days of your life and all eyes and cameras will be on you. Choose your colours wisely! As your dedicated wedding planner I am here to help you decide, using some of the hints and tips mentioned above, as well as my experience and expertise in which colours will really help bring your style to life. 

Venue Highlight – Villa Rio, Aphrodite Hills Resort

August 14, 2019

Wedding Ceremony

Cyprus is known as the Island of Love due to it being the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love.  Aphrodite Hills Resort is a stones throw away from Aphrodite’s Rock where Aphrodite is said to have risen from the waves. What location could be more perfect to exchange wedding vows with the love of your life?

Villa weddings are a wonderful choice of venue for your big day in Cyprus; they offer you a flexibility that you may not necessarily find at other wedding venues, so if you are looking for an intimate venue where you can take control of the finer details then a villa wedding may be just for you.

And when it comes to villa venues in Cyprus, Villa Rio on Aphrodite Hills Resort is a stunningly beautiful choice. This is one of the most opulent villas on the resort and trust us, it brings the wow factor even before we’ve waved our magic wedding décor wand!

The villa has a huge 25m pool and spacious terraces including a large lawned area which is perfect for both ceremony and dinner reception. The hot tub in the garden is an added bonus too. Villa Rio also hosts a great roof terrace with 360 degree views – a great spot for wedding photos with the sunset in the background!

The spacious and beautiful mature lawned gardens can be arranged and setup to suit the style and theme of your wedding, adding that important personalised touch. Let us know your ideas and we’ll bring them to life! Add a DJ and or a Band with a dancefloor and you can dance the night away under a canopy of beautiful stars.

There are wonderful catering options available for villa weddings too; all hand-picked and offering delicious and delightful menus. The large kitchen at Villa Rio is definitely a benefit for caterers, as well as all the space on the terraces – whether you choose a buffet, BBQ or set menu, no set up will feel crammed here.

The interior of the villa has been furnished and decorated to the highest standard and this opulence lends itself well to the special occasion of your wedding. The villa itself sleeps up to 10 people comfortably and has plenty of space in the sumptuous bedrooms and bathrooms for the wedding party to get ready on the big day itself. Aphrodite Hills Resort has many villas and apartments within close proximity, so accommodation for your guests is nice and simple too; we work closely with specialist rental company ‘’ who have the best options and offer a wedding group discount too.

Aphrodite Hills is a luxurious golf resort set in the hills overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. In this exquisite setting, the resort offers you recreation and relaxation beyond compare.The resort is the first and only golf, leisure and real estate complex on the island. It stretches across a whopping 234 hectares of land, divided by two plateaux, East and West.

The resort plays host to a range of facilities and activities, all designed to keep you entertained, invigorated and relaxed during your holiday – there’s an award winning Spa, the PGA National Aphrodite Hills 18 hole golf course, gym, tennis academy, soccer academy, horse riding centre, and a great choice of restaurants and bars.

If you would prefer your ceremony at a chapel setting, St Catherine’s Chapel on Aphrodite Hills Resort is a beautiful choice and is just a 5 minute drive from Villa Rio.

The options for your wedding day itinerary are wonderful at villa Rio; for example, whilst we transform the villa for your wedding, you can escape and have a lovely relaxing breakfast at the clubhouse restaurant overlooking the golf course. Your stylists, again hand-picked, can come to you at the villa, so there is no need to worry about having to travel off-resort.

Villa Rio has everything to offer you for your wedding day: it’s so perfect you’ll think that Aphrodite herself is looking over you on your special day.


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