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We are committed to personal service and uncompromising
quality for your wedding day.

Who We Are

Here at Wedding Bliss Cyprus we share years of experience in wedding and event planning, a passion for perfection and an intricate knowledge of how things work in Cyprus. We are based on Aphrodite Hills Resort, right next to the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love  and we work with some of the most stunning venues that this beautiful Mediterranean island has to offer. Our local knowledge, coupled with our sense of style and drive to produce a wedding that is

unique to you, puts us in the best position to help you create your perfect wedding day. We’ve worked hard to source the best suppliers, we know the ins and outs of the local legalities and we respect your budget. We’ll be your rock, we’ll be your fairy godmother, we’ll be right here for you – the only thing that matters to us is that on your big day, you have the time of your life while you marry the love of your life.

Meet Diane

My background is corporate events, where I worked for many years as the event manager for a large independent Investment Management Company in the UK.

I moved into wedding planning when my daughter got married in 2015, in Edinburgh. She was looking for her day to be unique to her and her husband, whilst retaining some traditional elements to their day.

Whilst helping to plan her wedding I realised just how much I missed the buzz I got from event planning. Whilst I was happy to leave the corporate world behind (and the grey skies), wedding planning in Cyprus has filled that gap I was missing and what a lovely gap-filler it is! What could be more enjoyable than helping to create a couple’s special day and be surrounded by all those happy smiling faces? And to be able to do all this on the beautiful, sunny island of love…complete with gorgeous blue skies too!

Wedding planning really started for me in Cyprus when a friend of mine from Scotland wanted to combine a family holiday with her wedding here. With only 3 months lead-in time, she was struggling to book a wedding planner and venue, not to mention all the other additional details required. I jumped at the chance to step in and be her wedding planner – as well as her bridesmaid! I was able to create an intimate day for her, her husband and family to cherish for many years to come.

From there, I carried on picking up weddings from word of mouth and personal recommendations. I am now delighted to continue my wedding planning journey, by heading up Wedding Bliss Cyprus.

I’ve lived here in Cyprus for 10 years and it is such a pleasure to welcome Brides and Grooms to our beautiful island to celebrate their special day.

I love everything about being a wedding planner: for me it’s not a job, it’s a passion. I love to make people happy and see people happy. A couple’s wedding is as important to me as it is to them, the journey we take together throughout the planning stage, to their wedding day, is very special. I’m there not only to plan the details of a wedding, but also to provide my emotional support to the bride and groom along the way; I’m there to be your friend, your rock and the shoulder that you might need to lean on occasionally.

It gives me a sense of pride and achievement when I know I’ve helped to bring a couples dream wedding to life. I often get asked what my favourite part of a wedding day is…for me, it’s the look on the Grooms face when he sees his Bride for the first time, and the looks on my couples faces throughout their special day……watching how much fun, love and laughter they are having.


Diane shares with us why having a wedding planner for a destination wedding is so important and just what it is that she loves about being a wedding planner:

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